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supportive, respectful

counselling and psychotherapy services


When life is challenging and overwhelming, we may find ourselves trying to navigate extremely complex life situations without the necessary information, experience, tools or support. 


Reaching out for help is the first step... I’m here to help you take the next ones. 


Mental health concerns, relationships, family stress, significant life changes, eating disorders, trauma and addictions are examples of complex life situations when we all need help. 


I am Dr. Eva Helpard and I have many years of diverse clinical experiences, training and education to help you through. The wisdom and skills I offer to you in therapy comes from thousands of hours of experiences others have shared with me. You are not alone and the challenges you face are similar to challenges many have overcome. I’ve learned and grown from all of those experiences and it is my privilege to work with you. 


It’s safe here... welcome!


Current clients, contact me to book an appointment
Dr. Helpard is not accepting new clients at this time
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